Colleen has counseled a large variety of clients and her expertise covers a wide variety of counseling techniques with a strong belief that therapy is not “one size fits all”.


Specializations Include:


Her work with children ranges from early intervention to academic underachievement, medical illness, depression and anxiety, language processing disorders, divorce and trauma

Tweens & Adolescents

When working with tweens and adolescents, Colleen has been able to successfully reduce attention seeking behavior, low frustration tolerance and rigid thinking.


Adults face many challenges in this fast paced world. Anxiety, stress, life transitions and changes can cause hopelessness, panic and self-destructive patterns. Colleen can help you get to the root causes and develop coping skills.

Techniques Include:

Cognitive Behavioral Strategies

Assist clients in thinking rationally and developing coping skills.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Helps to identify a specific problem and resolve it in a short amount of time.

Coaching and Professional Development

Assists in building life skills to help you build the life you desire.


Effective for sleep disorders, anxiety, phobias, weight loss and many other areas. Hypnosis produces a relaxed state that allows you to be open to explore and make changes in your thoughts, responses and attitudes. Hypnosis can improve test scores, sports performance and the creative process for artists and musicians.

Neurologic Music Therapy

Focuses on speech, language, motor and cognitive challenges. Colleen is the only clinically licensed psychotherapist in New Jersey trained in this field. Her expertise in cognitive rehabilitation utilizing music has been the subject of published articles. She was a featured speaker at the annual at the New Jersey Brain Injury Association Conference.

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