Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Solutions Programs by Colleen Brigid Fitzpatrick are tailored to meet the needs of your company or organization that are interactive, engaging, informational and effective.

About the Presenter:
Colleen Brigid Fitzpatrick, LCSW is a recognized expert in helping people gain insight and build skills to reach their maximum potential in life and business. Certified in Business Communications Management, Colleen has developed successful programs for corporate businesses to assist in building communication skills, conflict resolution and stress reduction and creating a better workplace environment.

View Colleen's 4 programs offered below:

Each program can be offered in 90 minute, half day or full day options.

Ready Set Flow! Team-building to Foster Collaboration and Innovation

Experiential activities will break down barriers, encourage interactive and cooperative team invention and problem solving, while building group alliances in a fun and informative atmosphere with lasting results.

Stress Busting: Avoid the Mess and Release Stress

A lively hands-on program that makes stress busting easy, enjoyable and affordable: Stress Identifiers, Effective Individual and Group Stress Relief Solutions for home and office with immediate and long-term use.   

Not Now, Then When? Time Management Resolutions

Release the excuses and procrastination fallout with remedies participants can apply to any work assignment or project. Uncover hidden avoidance maneuvers that interfere with completion. And Introducing: Get-It-Done-Now Tactics & Time Constraint Acrobatics.

Massage the Message: Enhance Communication & Resolve Conflict

Understanding communication styles, verbal and non-verbal cues, communication do’s and don’ts with clients, team members & management. Boost message delivery and listening skills. Conflict Resolution Made Easy.

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