Hypnotherapy is a curative healing technique to find the root of an issue in order to begin the healing process

Hypnosis is an effective method of communicating with the subconscious mind and gaining access to its vast and available storehouse of information and resources available to you.

  • Have you tried everything to help you lose weight?
  • Are you tired of sleepless nights?
  • Do you get anxious and fearful before a test/exam or other important event?

Learn skills to help you succeed in all areas of your life! Anxiety and panic can make your life unbearable, make you avoid events and hold you back you from reaching your full potential. Hypnotherapy is used to help you make changes in thoughts, responses and attitudes.

When this technique is used, the client is fully awake and in a state of heightened responsiveness, and more able to explore feelings and form desired responses. The latest research has proven that hypnotherapy, combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, gives clients the best and most long lasting effects. I’ve helped others reduce their weight, obtain a restful night of sleep, and pass important exams and certifications: SATS and College Exams are one of my specialties!

You can learn how to enter the hypnotic state, take that skill and use it to re-program yourself as you need and desire. Once you learn how to enter the hypnotic state on your own, you re-program yourself as you choose.

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