Hypnotherapy for Sports

Want a mental edge to support playing at your best?

Are you facing a problem that is affecting your game? I offer a personalized approach to help you reach your goals with hypnosis.

  • Do you need more confidence and belief in your ability to play well?
  • Are pre-game jitters or stress affecting your game?
  • Do you need more energy, concentration and focus for your game?
  • Are you ready to improve your playing & be more skillful at your sport?
  • Would you like easy mental practice and rehearsal to reeve up your game?

There’s a way to get rid of those pesky pre-game jitters or stress and create the necessary winning attitude.  Thousands of athletes have turned to hypnosis and guided imagery to build confidence and belief in their ability to play well. Now it’ your turn!


Hypnosis is a surefire method to communicate with your subconscious mind. When you do, you’ll gain access to its vast and available storehouse of information and resources.  Maybe you’re a skilled athlete and want to take your game to the next level. Great! Hypnosis will improve your skills, amp up your energy and get you ready to play well.

If you’re just starting out in your sport, mental practice may be just what you need to rid you of ‘beginner mind’ and be the athlete you desire. Work with a skilled hypnotherapist and learn how to enter the hypnotic state and be able to re-program you!

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