Chronic and Acute Illness

Has a medical illness caused you to feel hopeless? Do you want to build skills to assist you in managing your challenges? Do you want to have a more peaceful life? Illness and pain affects you, but your family as well. Let Colleen assist you in creating a more emotionally stable  life, through identification of core emotions and triggering events.

Reconstructive Surgery

When the body has changed, the mind and your thoughts change as well. Some surgeries are planned; some are the result of a trauma. In order to fully heal, emotions need to be explored. Frequently, symptoms of depression and anxiety begin. This includes withdraw from others, disinterest in activities, over sensitivity, low self esteem. Counseling can help integrate your mind, body and spirit. The freedom of feeling good about yourself is priceless.

Grief pertains to many different losses, such as death, loss of a friendship, loss of a job, loss of a pet and so many other circumstances. Different stages of struggle with the loss may cause helplessness, fear and panic. You can develop a sense of hope and peace through

Compassion for the Caregiver

Balancing self care and the care for another can be draining. It is common to have feelings of resentment, depression and frustration.  These are normal responses to care giving. When you care for yourself, you can give your loved one the attention and detail they need on a more consistent basis. Learn how to handle your complex emotions and build practical skills to manage your care giving challenges.

Colleen has experience with many forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, and Semantic Dementia. She has been quite successful at helping clients become more emotionally stable and assisting families in managing behavioral issues. A family systems approach is used, providing education, support and concrete skills.

Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia

Colleen is an expert in the area of cognitive rehabilitation. Her extensive research and use of cutting edge techniques have been published, giving her international recognition. Colleen has been successful at assisting her clients adjust and find meaning, despite even the most extensive cognitive impairment. She is frequently requested to consult when others have not been able to help a client adjust to their transitions.

Have you tried everything to help you lose weight? Are you tired of sleepless nights? Do you get anxious and fearful before a test/exam or other important event? Learn skills to help you succeed in all of these areas. Anxiety and panic can cause your life to be unbearable, make you avoidant of events and hinder you from reaching your full potential. Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy used to help you make changes in thoughts, responses and attitudes. When this technique is used, the client is fully awake and in a state of heightened responsiveness, therefore, they are more easily able to explore feelings and form desired responses. The latest research has found that hypnotherapy, combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, has proven to give clients the best and most long lasting effects. I have helped others reduce their weight, obtain a restful night of sleep, and pass important exams and certifications. SATS and College Exams are one of my specialties!
Life Coaching/Personal Development
Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you feel that all your friends are “moving on” in their personal life and you are not?

Colleen has been successful in helping clients transition to a new career, build healthy relationships, and find the right balance of the work/personal life.