Do Not Run From “IT ” – How to better manage your emotions

I recently saw the movie “IT”. I was amazed by all of the symbolism in the movie. In my opinion, “IT”, is a lesson in facing our fears. Each child in themovie had a different “IT” in their family. One was an overbearing mother, another had a father who abused her, and the rest of the children also had families that were filled with issues. “IT” may stand for the challenge we need to overcome in our life in order to succeed. Know your “IT” and how to better manage your emotions and behaviors surrounding “IT”.

Remember that the situation and person that is “IT” causes your anxiety, panic, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder. This may lead to hopelessness, feeling suicidal, isolating from others, low self esteem, anger, crying spells. The emotions and behaviors can be managed, but never really adequately unless we know “IT”.

Through therapy, you can find “IT”. That pivotal issue that at times makes life unbearable and make you feel useless.