How Pets Reduce Anxiety

All pets are welcomed at my office at 8 East Kings Highway in Haddonfield, NJ. Why? Much current research states that pets can significantly reduce anxiety. My office has seen it all, birds, cats, dogs and much more exotic!!!
Anxiety and panic can be crippling disorders for millions of people in every place in the world. Anxiety is experienced by people of all ages, including infants, children and older adults. When the symptoms occur that are related to anxiety and panic, it may feel like the end of the world to the person who is experiencing them. Unpredictability regarding the timing of the symptoms can make them 100 times worse. Many people attempt to use breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, music and so much more to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and panic. Some times they may work and sometimes they may not work. Everyone has a different biologic make up that effects anxiety and panic. At times, family history may play a role in how we respond to anxiety and panic. Sometimes a change in environment can make symptoms better or worse.
Did you know that a pet can significantly decrease symptoms of your anxiety and panic? If you are not an animal lover this may seem like a debatable concept to you. Please give some serious thought to the following information, as it may give you a different view on how a pet may help decrease symptoms of anxiety and panic.
Pets love to be stroked and hugged. This can provide a way to ground you. Pets can be a distraction. They have needs such as being fed and being walked. Pets are always there for you and will listen and not judge. Nothing beats taking lots of pictures of your pet and then using creative apps on your phone enhance them.
Pets can help you decrease the symptoms of panic and anxiety, so be sure to give them a chance!! For more information on counseling for anxiety and panic, go to

How Pets Reduce Anxiety
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