3 Tips for Goal Setting in 2018

  • Do you have certain goals that you want to achieve for 2018? Do you cringe at sitting down and writing them down and figuring out specific steps? Everyone as a different philosophy in life and what they want out of it. Success can mean different things to different people. Here are some helpful tips for goal setting in 2018:
  • #1-Reflect and think about what you truly want. Many of us are swayed by what are friends set as goals. For example, I have friend who has a goal of running a half marathon. That sounds very tempting. For a fleeting moment, I had a vision of myself running by her side. But then, I reminded myself to:
  • #2-Be realistic. I can barely get through a mile!!! My thought is that for that moment, I thought that it would be so cool to have a friend to help me with a goal. So, keeping that in mind, the next step would be:
  • #3- Have an accountability partner. What does that mean? It means that you have a support person who will encourage you to stay on task with goal setting and steps you need to take to be successful.
  • Professional help is always a good option if you want help in achieving your goals. That’s when it may be a good idea to contact a life coach. For more information, contact : instrumentalchanges
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