Why is My Child Angry? Why am I Angry?

Anger is an emotion felt by everyone. In order to decrease anger, you must get to the root of why you are feeling angry.  Anger is commonly first felt during childhood. Some reasons why children may become angry are: feeling tired or overstimulated, feeling lack of control, feeling hurt or frustrated. When children advance towards teen years, the reasons for anger may become more dependent on peer interactions. Some reasons why teens may feel anger include: conflicts with peers, frustration over boundaries set by parents and feeling that no one understands them. As we move towards adulthood, anger becomes more and more complex. People do not react the way we want, we are dissatisfied with our jobs or relationships, or perhaps we just are overwhelmed.

How can counseling help with anger? It can help with anger in many ways. Counseling for anger can help you identify why you are feeling anger. This can be learned by identifying what triggers your angry response. The reason for anger may be different for everyone. When you work with a licensed, clinical professional, they can help coach you in managing your anger. For example, if your anger is related to your relationship with your significant other, your counselor can help you look at specifics of your relationship. Your counselor may give you specific tests or ask questions that targets specifically what issues surround your anger. In terms of your relationship, anger may stem from feeling emotionally neglected, lack of communication, feelings of being taken for granted, resentments from the past, and so much more.

Counseling is an effective treatment for managing anger in a successful manner. When counseled by a clinically licensed professional, you have a strong chance of being able to better manage the uncomfortable feelings surrounding anger.

Always remember that tomorrow is a new day, filled with chances to improve your ability to manage your child’s of your own anger.

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