How To Create Positivity In Life

When you experience anxiety or depression, it can be difficult to create positivity in your life. Every day may seem like groundhog day, and you may become fearful of what “might happen” in life.

Positive psychology has been around for years and has roots in the theories of Jung and Maslow, who were  clinically trained psychologists.

So what is it exactly? It is the study of what makes life meaningful on various levels, including psychological, biological, relational. Positive psychology helps you identify what is of most value to you in your life.

How can you attain positivity in your life?

Surround yourself with positive people. This includes friends, family and coworkers. If someone is toxic, you need to limit your interactions with them.

Identify what you already have in your life that is positive. This may take some time of reflection on your part.

Focus on the here and now. Do not look at past issues or fears of the future.

Consult a clinically licensed professional in order to assist you in remaining positive. Sometimes even a monthly visit can keep you on track to be the best you can.

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