Finding your peacful place to decrease anxiety

Where is the most peaceful place you have ever been?

Let me tell you a little about my most peaceful place. It is Lourdes in southwestern France. I was lucky enough to visit there in 2005. The feeling I had when I was there was like no other. Complete and utter relaxation. Time seem to stand still. I looked up at the large fluffy clouds. As I turned my head, I saw large, beautiful mountains. The church has validated 69 miraculous healings that have taken place there. Perhaps it was the thought that this is the place where miracles take place. Possibly it was the beauty of looking at the grotto and the healing waters. Whatever occurred during that time changed my life. In moments of doubt or despair, I think of Lourdes.

It is vital that you find your peaceful place. A place that will be a different for all, but similar in the sense that it provides safety, strength and hope.

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