How to decrease anxiety and increase peace

Anxiety can cause much distress in your life. Some days, even getting out of bed can be a challenge.

How can you try to decrease anxiety in your life? Some helpful tips that have helped my clients are: Giving yourself enough time to prepare for an area in which you struggle. For example, if you struggle with being organized in the morning, lay out all clothes that you will need for the next day the night before. Make sure you have a list of friends you can call who truly understand your anxiety. Sometimes just knowing they are there can reduce your symptoms of anxiety. Last, but not least, remember that you have had other anxious times and somehow have managed to get through them.

In order to replace anxiety with feelings of peace, it is essential that you believe you can attain a state of peace. Some helpful tips that have helped my clients are: identifying how you define peace, what it may look like in your life. For example, is it being alone, being with a close friend or pet? In order to decrease anxiety and increase peace, you need to have clear vision, including every detail. Focus on what peace feels like, sounds and smells,

If you want to truly reduce anxiety, it takes practice. Be patient with yourself and peace will surely follow. Colleen Brigid Fitzpatrick, LCSW, CH

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